Passion and Purpose

“Life” stands for Living In Fullness Everyday; which is God’s desire for His daughters; hence the name: Life Women. Life Women was birthed out of a desire to help women discover their value and potential based on an intimate relationship with The Lord. This can only be done when we live a vine life. John 15:4 says “Abide in Me” which means we are to dwell in Him, live in Him, and then He promises He will abide in us; our desire should be to know Him more. One of the benefits of cultivating our relationship with Him is living in fullness everyday.

The Lord longs for an intimate relationship with each of His children. I want to share something the Lord spoke to my heart:

“I long for you to sit at My feet, hunger, thirst for My kingdom, and to have desire and passion for My kingdom. I long for you to come to Me, to give Me your entire heart, soul, mind….your entire being. Be so focused on Kingdom business that you won’t notice or feel the effects of the world and its troubles”.

I believe that if we hunger and thirst for more of Him, give Him our entire heart, have a glorious intimate relationship with Him; He gives us the desires of our heart, and in that we find our identity, we see our potential, we find passion for His Kingdom and what we were created to do for His Kingdom.

I will not use this blog to give you my advice or my opinions; I will be speaking straight from the Word of God. This blog is all about gaining knowledge and understanding so you can position yourself for a growing, healthy, intimate relationship with the Lord through the Word of God; so you can be a woman of God living in fullness everyday…….a Life Woman.

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