My Story

I was born in Chicago to Greek parents and raised in Southern California. I lived a BIG FAT Greek life steeped in Greek tradition and religion. I still thoroughly enjoy the food and the Greek dancing! As a teenager and young adult I lived with reckless abandon, as a result of many tragedies in my life. At the age of 28, I gave my heart to the Lord Jesus and never looked back. He supernaturally changed me and gave me a new life; one filled with passion and purpose. One week after I got saved, Tony and I were married; that was almost 29 years ago. We have two beautiful daughters, Ariana and Rachel the joys of our life! We also have a dog named, Charlie and a cat named Nikko.

Tony and I went to ministry school and graduated in 1997. That very year we became the Senior Pastors of Living Faith Christian Center in Vista, CA. We served as pastors for 15 ½ years, loving people and loving God. During the last few years at Living Faith we started sensing the Lord leading us into a different direction in ministry. We had Tennessee on our hearts; so late November 2012 we resigned our position as senior pastors and moved to the Nashville area. Which will be our base for our next phase of ministry.

I enjoy traveling, especially learning about other cultures (I’m an adventurer at heart). I am an old movie- loving, recipe collecting kind of gal. My favorite movie genres are: romantic comedies, comedies (clean ones), musicals, westerns (yeah I like them) and occasionally a good tear- jerker (have to be in the mood for those). I collect recipes as a hobby, but rarely try them; I’m either too busy or I’m watching my figure. I like outdoor sports so long as I don’t sweat; so my favorites are snow skiing and walking when it’s freezing out. But I don’t think walking is a sport, unless it’s speed walking; is 3.5 mph considered speed walking?


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