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I am sitting at my kitchen table watching the snow fall hard and fast; wondering when this winter will end. Sometimes we are in a winter season waiting anxiously for it to end. I find myself in that season as I write.

However, I am not waiting anxiously for it to end, I know that the Lord wants to do a deeper work in me during this season. We all go through seasons in our life in the natural and in the spiritual. What we do in these seasons determines the depth of growth in our life.

A while ago the Lord spoke to my heart: “embrace this season”.  I quickly looked up the word embrace; it means: accept or support a belief, theory or a change willingly and enthusiastically. Hahaha! Are you joking? Accept this season or this change in my life willingly AND with enthusiasm. I love the Lords sense of humor.

I started to ponder on that and realized that we can go through anything one of two ways, complaining or praising.  When we choose to praise God through the season we have the joy of the Lord and then we have strength to make it through.

Nehemiah 8:10  Don’t be dejected and sad, for the joy of the Lord is your strength!” (NLT)

Let me tell you a little bit about my season. My husband and I recently resigned as senior pastors of the church in which we were shepherds for over 15 years. We felt the Lord stirring our hearts in a different direction in ministry: as itinerate ministers. We had the Nashville, TN area strong on our hearts as a base for this ministry. So in December, we moved from California to Tennessee.

We went from constantly being busy to absolutely nothing and at the same time we became empty nesters. It is like empty nest x 200, natural and spiritual children. We went from ministering to others to ministering to our pets. When all the excitement of the move and the holidays were over; I actually started to embrace this season.

I began to look at this season as a season of refreshing and renewing, a season of deeper growth. Just like a seed; it first has to be buried in the ground in order to grow strong. It must be watered and then it will burst forth.

Use your winter season as a season of input and watering in order for you to grow and burst forth.

Check out the parable of the growing seed and the mustard seed: Mark 4:26-32.

Here are a few pics from the last leg of our cross country trip:

Missouri near the Ozarks

Crossing the Mississippi River from Missouri & then the Ohio River into Kentucky

Downtown Nashville